Here's a killer trick for you to try. Next time you'regiving your date a ride home, adjust your date's seat for her before starting the car. When you get into your car, lean over to your date andget just "a bit too close" to her face, as if you're trying tokiss her. Then while looking into her eyes, grab the handleor knob under her seat and adjust it for her. Start the carand act like you were not trying to do anything if the whole thing was just in her head. If you do this move correctly, it will achieve twothings:
1) It will set you up for a real kiss later.
2) It will cause the woman to become confused. She willprobably start thinking, "Did he want to kiss me? If so, whydid he stop? Or could I be imagining things because Ilike him?" Nice, eh? Go out and try it tommorow night!

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