"How To Tease Women By Sending Mixed Signals!" Today I'm going to show you the fastest way to build up the sexual chemistry between you and a woman. It's quite simple. You just need to learn how to tease her! Little girls love to be teased. And big girls still love to be teased. They may not admit it. They may even deny it. They may call you all sorts of names or make nasty comments about you when you tease them. But then, if you have teased them right, they will then laugh and let you tease them again. Why? Because? 1) It can release the little girl inside every woman 2) It can bring out a woman's insecurity and desires to be loved 3) It makes women lust after what they can't have even more. 4) It can tame a spoiled woman by breaking down her barriers. 5) It lets a women know her man is in control. Quite powerful eh? So how do you tease women properly? Here's the easiest way: by sending them mixed signals. Whenever I go out with a woman, I always send mixed feelings to her. For example, I may tell her I just want to be her friend, while sending out other signals with my body language. Sometimes I grab a girl's hand and then tell her we shouldn't be holding hands this early. Then I drop it and repeat the process again and again before I finally get serious and grab her hands firmly. Other times I look to her in the eyes, tell her I really enjoy her company "as a friend" before reaching over to kiss her. See where I am going with this? The key is to keep the woman wondering if you really like her or not. Remember women like the "He loves me, he loves me not" kind of games. And speaking of "love", whenever she asks you whether she loves you or not, don't give her a verbal response. Kiss her on the mouth instead. ( No be for road oh)

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